Ends on July 31, 2018

$2.50 USD, $2.50 USD
  • This page is for all art, multimedia, or alternative media submissions.
  • Such works may include: photograph, painting, printmaking, multimedia graphics, graphic short stories, etc. 
  • Cover art is a single or two images in color. Inside art is a spread in black and white. The two are often by different artists, but can be the same depending on how a series lends itself. Your submitted work may be considered for either.
  • Work submitted to River Styx must be previously unpublished in print or online.
  • Please include a word count in your cover letter if relevant to your submission.
  • If your work is a part of a series of images, please submit up to 12 images.
  • If submitting a work such as a graphic short story or writing with corresponding images, please treat each as an individual submission.
  • We will read simultaneous submissions, but ask that you inform us of such and notify us immediately if your work is accepted elsewhere.
  • Expect three to five months for a decision. Please do not query us or send another manuscript until five months have passed.